Supporting transgender children in schools

UPDATE 23/11/2020: In May 2020, Oxfordshire County Council withdrew its trans-gender toolkit, pending legal action. In the light of this decision, I recommend that schools speak to their legal provider before making policy decision with regard to supporting students

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020

UPDATE The new Keeping Children Safe in Education for September 2020 has now been published

This video will help school understand the changes that have been made and what they need to do in response.

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Safeguarding and remote education – Govt. Guidance (April 2020)

In April 2020, the government issued guidance to schools about safeguarding and remote learning during the Coronavirus outbreak. In this video, specialist safeguarding consultant, Andrew Hall explains what the guidance means.

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Why schools shouldn’t use Whatsapp

There are a number of serious concerns about using Whatsapp for school communications. First, Whatsapp says it should not be used for business; it is against their terms and conditions. Second, I'm not a data protection expert, but I believe …

Coronavirus FAQs

The volume of email enquiries has resulted in a backlog for us. Many of our enquiries are about the following topics, so these links may help:

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Coronavirus: safeguarding in schools – Govt. guidance

On 27th March 2020, the government published safeguarding guidance for schools, colleges and other providers. In this video, specialist safeguarding consultant, Andrew Hall, explains the guidance and what you should do to implement it.

Download: Action Checklist

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Safeguarding Extra – FAQs

What is Safeguarding Extra?

Safeguarding Extra is a twice-monthly extra briefing that will look in detail at one aspect of safeguarding. This week's edition was a video case study about county lines, ideal for your own learning and for staff …