Coronavirus FAQs

The volume of email enquiries has resulted in a backlog for us. Many of our enquiries are about the following topics, so these links may help:

If you are a member of Safeguarding.Pro, have a look there first, as many typical answers can be found there.

If not, use Safguarding.Pro to get a timely answer (usually within 36 hours often sooner). I answer questions here as a matter of priority. Please use this link to ask your question:

You can purchase Safeguarding.Pro by going to this link:

If you are asking for advice about remote teaching and learning, please see:

If you are asking about a Bereavement Policy, please see here:

If your question is about an online course for DSLs, please go here:

If you wish to purchase Safeguarding Extra by Purchase Order, go here:

I hope I've been able to answer most of the questions we have right now. If not, use Safeguarding.Pro for a quicker reply; email the office or use our contact form, but beware that there will typically be a delay.

Keep safe and thank you for all you're doing,


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