Safeguarding disabled children: practice guidance

Published in 2009, ‘Safeguarding disabled children: practice guidance' is an important part of the guidance for everyone involved in safeguarding. Children with special educational needs and disabilities are at higher risk of harm than most children, yet keeping them safe …

What is Teenage Relationship Abuse?

Since March 2013, the Home Office definition of domestic violence now includes 16 – 18 year olds, so ‘What is teenage relationship abuse?'

Emotional abuse

  • Constant insults and name calling
  • Isolation from friends and family
  • Controlling what someone wears or

Teenage Relationship Abuse

The British Crime Survey 2009/10 found that the 16-19 year age group were most likely to suffer abuse from a partner.

From March 2013, the definition of domestic violence will include young people under 18.

This new definition of domestic …

Definition of Child Protection

There is no legal definition of child protection, but services aim to identify those children who are at risk of serious harm. Child protection aims to keep children safe where there is serious risk of harm. Serious risk of harm …

What is Safeguarding Children?

What is Safeguarding children?

Safeguarding refers to everything we do to keep all children safe from harm. Safeguarding is often used to mean Child Protection, but the two phrases have quite distinct meanings. Child Protection describes the actions that will …