Preventing Radicalisation Resources

Statutory Guidance

Prevent Duty Guidance (HM Government 2015)


Departmental Advice

Independent Schools, Academies and Free Schools

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) Development of Pupils (DfE November 2014)

Maintained Schools

Promoting fundamental British values as part of SMSC in schools (DfE November 2014)


Guidance for Schools and Colleges

Prevent Toolkit (FE Colleges) (157group 2015)

Advice to Parents and Carers (London Borough of Tower Hamlets 2015)

Prevent for Further Education and Training (Excellent; needs amending for schools)

Prevent – self assessment checklist (Leeds City Council)

Why box ticking British Values is a bad idea – Mary Myatt

Counter Terrorism: Narratives and Conversations – LGfL (Excellent; Video answers to FAQs with Sarah Khan)

Policy Starting Point

Preventing Extremism Policy – Starting Point


Police Resources

Working with mothers to prevent tragedies (Prevent Tragedies campaign 2015)

Channel Leaflet (Lancashire Constabulary 2015)


Muslim Resources

Haqiqah: What is the Truth Behind ISIS

What Islam really says


Older Resources

Prevent, Police and Schools (ACPO 2013)

Teaching approaches that help build resilience to extremism among young people (DfE 2011)

Learning together to be safe (A toolkit [about] preventing violent extremism) (DCSF 2008)



Doing SMSC

Imams Online

JAN Trust

London Grid for Learning (Extremism)

Prevent for Schools

Prevent Tragedies

See it, Report it

The Free Initiative

We will inspire


News Articles

Talking and walking – UK mentors steer young people away from radicalisation (Guardian Feb 2015)

Nazir Afzal: Five things I’ve learned from Muslim women’s groups (BBC News May 2015)

Tracking Britain’s jihadists (BBC News May 2015)

West ill-prepared for ‘Twitter terrorists,’ expert warns (Ottawa Citizen May 2015)

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