Safeguarding Reviews

From 3rd June 2019, Success In Schools Ltd will no longer offer Safeguarding Reviews. However, you can get the same great service from the same consultants by contacting them directly.

Schools ask for a safeguarding review for a number of reasons. Schools usually just what that external viewpoint, or perhaps they are coming close to an ‘inspection window’. New headteachers might want to establish a baseline understanding of safeguarding. Sometimes schools want to just check that they are compliant, but mostly schools want make sure that their safeguarding work has impact and is truly making a difference. Occasionally, a safeguarding review could be an action after a serious case or allegation. Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) often want to ‘dip-test’ a number of academies and check them for consistency.

It is important to remember that a review is not an inspection and the intention is to have a shared discussion about the school’s current safeguarding systems and consider areas for development.

One of our key values as a company is that safeguarding should be as effective as possible, so a thorough safeguarding review from one of our experienced safeguarding consultants takes one or two days to complete (depending on the size of the school). Safeguarding can be audited much more quickly, and so if you don’t want the detail of a full safeguarding review, then our company might not be the best fit for you.

During a safeguarding review we will look at:

  • Compliance
  • Policies
  • Attendance
  • CPD programme
  • Leadership and Management
  • Safer Recruitment
    • including the Single Central Record
  • Multi-agency working
  • Child Protection
    • procedures
    • record-keeping
    • information-sharing
  • Site safety and security
    • visitor management
  • IT
  • Pupil Views
    • offered during a two-day review only

The review outcome will identify steps that need to be taken to improve and typically there will be a list of recommendations and actions that could be taken. It is the responsibility of the school to use this information to develop safeguarding in the school as they see fit.

After the review, a report of the visit and a checklist of actions will be prepared, identifying the key areas for development. Unless otherwise requested, written reports will be available within seven working days.

Professional discussion takes place throughout the review process, but verbal feedback to a small group can be given at the end of the review, if required.

More details can be download here: Safeguarding Review – Information for schools (pdf)

Meet our Safeguarding Review Consultants

Our reviews are carried out by experienced consultants who have supported schools for many years.

Corrie Fielding

Debbie Lamb

Ken Palmer

Ken Palmer is a former Local Authority Designated officer (LADO) and police officer. Ken is now a well-respected Independent Safeguarding Consultant.

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