Safeguarding Extra – FAQs

What is Safeguarding Extra?

Safeguarding Extra is a twice-monthly extra briefing that will look in detail at one aspect of safeguarding. This week’s edition was a video case study about county lines, ideal for your own learning and for staff to watch as part of their CPD programme.

Is Safeguarding Extra the same as Safeguarding Pro?

No. Safeguarding.Pro provides a wealth of resources to support schools in their safeguarding work including, compliance checklists, CPD materials, a question and answer service for members and a complete archive of the safeguarding briefing since 2014.

Is Safeguarding Extra better than Safeguarding Briefing?

Yes and No! The Safeguarding Briefing is free, and usually consists of five or six brief articles to keep you update around safeguarding in the broadest sense.

If you’ve ever found the Safeguarding Briefing useful, you’ll love Safeguarding Extra.

Safeguarding Extra is video-based and focuses on one single topic. Typically the videos will be 15 – 20 mins long, looking at a report, research document or a case study. Safeguarding Extra is published twice a month in term-time.

I’m a member of Safeguarding.Pro will the Safeguarding Extra videos be included in Pro?

No. The Safeguarding Extra videos will be kept separate. If you like, the Safeguarding  Briefing is a snack; Safeguarding Extra is a good lunch; and Safeguarding Pro is a rather splendid 5-course meal with port and coffee to follow.

We are a Multi-Academy Trust, can we buy a discounted bundle for all our schools?

There are two levels of discounts for MATs depending on the number of schools that you have. Please contact our office for further information.

Can we pay using a Purchase Order?

Yes, but the process is more complex. Please contact our office for further details.

There is a free option in the payment box, can I use that?

No. The default option in the software I’m using offers a free membership, but I am not using that option at all. The free Safeguarding Briefing is hosted elsewhere. If you have inadvertently signed up using the free option, you should sign up again or upgrade to either an annual or monthly subscription.