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Andrew Hall, Specialist Safeguarding Consultant

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    Are you a Designated Safeguarding Lead?

    The Weekly Safeguarding Briefing is written for people like you: headteachers and their deputies, designated safeguarding leads and governors.

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    Do you suffer from workoverload?

    How much easier would it be if someone else did the hard work in keeping on top of new legislation and best practice?

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    Do you worry you're not doing it 'right'?

    Would it help if there was someone prompting you about areas of safeguarding you could prioritise?

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    Three reasons to read the Safeguarding Briefing

    ...Keep you up to date with any changes or new legislation
    ...Share good practice; and
    ...Suggest key tasks and priorities to focus on

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    Safeguarding is what we do for all children.

    Safeguarding encompasses all aspects of keeping children safe in school from staff vetting, management of visitors, reporting concerns and working with external agencies. The Safeguarding Briefing helps you tackle safeguarding challenges.

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