Safer Recruitment

Safer Recruitment is one of the most important aspects of safeguarding children and young people, as you can see in the video below.


The Bichard Report in 2004 recommended changes to vetting procedures, police information sharing and the setting up of a national registration scheme for those wishing to work with children and vulnerable adults. This scheme was initially known as the Independent Safeguarding Authority, then the Criminal Records Bureau and since 2012, the Disclosure and Barring Service.

As a result of the Bichard Inquiry, every school must now have at least one person involved in appointing staff, to have completed safer recruitment training.

At first the Government was responsible for the Safer Recruitment training package, but today this is managed by the Safer Recruitment Consortium, which includes the Lucy Faithful Foundation, the NSPCC, National Association of Independent & Non-Maintained Special Schools and the Child Protection in Education organisation.

Serious Case Reviews continue to highlight the importance of effective recruitment and vetting, not least the case of William Vahey in 2014, who joined a school whose systems were lax, and importantly did not consider the potential for grooming behaviour once a person was working in a school.

Understanding how potential offenders manipulate the school’s procedures in order to abuse pupils is an important aspect of the Safer Recruitment training.

Although the 2009 School Staffing Regulations say ‘at least one member of [the selection] panel [must have] completed safer recruitment training’, it is helpful to have more than one person, and to include others involved in the recruitment process, including administrative staff. The more knowledgeable the whole recruitment team become, the safer children are.

My training is accredited by the Safer Recruitment Consortium and uses the materials devised by the group’s leadership, including contributions from national specialists and the latest government guidance and legislation.

Occasionally, I run Safer Recruitment seminars in London, Birmingham and Manchester, but mostly schools and cluster groups invite me to work with them onsite. This is not only more cost effective for you, but allows the inclusion of many more staff, governors and administrators, to learn about the issues and develop a shared understanding.

The seminar will ensure you understand how to implement the four stages of Safer Recruitment: Deter, Reject, Detect and Prevent.

You’ll learn:

  • Why using CVs can be a danger to children
  • How to spot inconsistencies in application forms
  • Who the sex offenders are and how to identify their grooming behaviour
  • How to develop, and maintain, a ‘culture of vigilance’
  • Why children don’t report abuse
  • How to make safer recruitment decisions

…and real-life examples will show how easy it is for complacent schools to be attractive to unsuitable people.

As a former headteacher I know how difficult recruitment decision-making can be, but the Safer Recruitment training I had gave me confidence to make those decisions, and now I want to share that with you.

To book Safer Recruitment training for your school or college, call us on 01223 929269 or email .

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