Should we use a school YouTube Channel for uploading videos?

As schools build up a library of the videos their staff have created for online learning, the question of where to put them comes up. Many schools are wanting to host them on YouTube and, sometimes, embed them into their website. Whilst simple, free and easy to set up, it's not always the safest way. I think schools would be better with a private channel in another video hosting platform called Vimeo. In this video I show you why.


You can only see this video, if you are logged in to YouTube:

At the end of the video, other content will be suggested. This may not be suitable viewing for children. The share button is still visible, so sharing is still possible.


The video is only showing here because I have given permission for it to be visible on this specific site.

Vimeo's website has a 30-day trial before you have to pay. Privacy settings are not available on their Free/Basic tier. Schools will need a Plus account (£6/month after the first thirty days):

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