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Leading Inspiring Safeguarding Learning

When booking, please ensure you are available for both days.

Specialist Safeguarding Consultant, Andrew Hall explains how his ‘Leading Inspirational Safeguarding Learning’ helps schools develop outstanding safeguarding to keep all children and young people safe from harm. This two-day programme is ideally if you are looking for a train the trainer course.

Those of you have heard me speak will now that I am totally against the word ‘training', but instead prefer to use the phrase Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Until now, I've continued to use ‘training' because everyone else does and it's a kind of shorthand that people understand. Since September I've made the switch more seriously than ever before and I'm trying to encourage others to do so too.

For me, the key difference between training and CPD is that training is specific, skill-focused and task-related; it's the reason MacDonalds is constantly the same across the world. Continuing Professional Development, on the other hand, is just that, ongoing, relies on professional judgement and evolves over time.

Learning about safeguarding is a process and it is never finished. However long you've been involved, there is always something new to learn, another viewpoint to take. This has never been more important than today.

Over the last few years developing my work as a specialist safeguarding consultant and speaker, I've realised that the quality of the learner's experience is not driven by the content alone. After a CPD event, there has to be an action, something has to change.

I've now developed a train the trainer package that is definitely not a train the trainer package, and from now on I'm not going to refer to it as such!

This CPD programme is for anyone who has a role in helping others understand safeguarding and child protection, but the programme will be less about the practitioner's knowledge, and more about how they understand how to engage and communicate.

I'm pleased to introduce the ‘Leading Inspirational Safeguarding Learning'. This is a course of two days, separated by a couple of months, with study work to complete in between. The days are practical and places are limited so that we can work more dynamically.

By the end of the course you will

  • How understanding your ‘why' helps you share your passion
  • How consistent visuals promote effective learning
  • How to tell real-life stories so your audience understand
  • How seeing the bigger picture helps you focus on the journey
  • How sharing actions makes change more likely

Attendees will:

  • develop a specialist area of knowledge to share with others
  • have an opportunity to be heard speaking
  • create a programme of learning and development for your own setting

Continuing Professional Development events should always move someone along their knowledge journey, so they, know something they didn't know before, see something they hadn't seen before, and, importantly, motivate them to take action

To keep this generation safe, and by extension the children of the next generation, this course will help today's CPD speakers lead inspiring safeguarding learning and development.

The two full days of learning will take place in central London, and between the two days, there will be a least one online meeting.

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[* Please note there are no refunds available after 7 days prior to the course; or for not attending on both days]

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