Whistleblowing and the Francis’ Report

As you know at the end of March 2015, the government published updates to the statutory and non-statutory safeguarding documents, (You can watch a 15-minute seminar on the changes here: www.safeguardinginschools.co.uk/seminar-statutory-safeguarding-guidance-march-2015)

One new change related to whistleblowing policies is that Working Together to Safeguard Children (2015) says, ‘organisations should have…clear whistleblowing procedures, which reflect the principles in Sir Robert Francis’s Freedom to Speak Up review and are suitably referenced in staff training and codes of conduct, and a culture that enables issues about safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children to be addressed’.

The Freedom To Speak Up review was undertaken as a result of poor care practices at the Mid-Staffordshire Hospital in the late-2000s. Sir Robert Francis’ report outlines twenty principles which have now been used to support improved practice in other organisations. Working Together applies these principles to schools. In the ‘Whistleblowing and Francis Report’, I’ve given a background to whistleblowing and looked at the principles that best fit our safeguarding work in school.

Download: Whistleblowing and Francis Report – April 2015

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